Float Among the Clouds; Floatation Therapy!

Float Among the Clouds; Floatation Therapy!

Isn’t it fancy to float like a butterfly? To forget all about the heaviness of pressure pulling your body back. Could you feel the overwhelms of being light? Of floating above the clouds!

You are not too far from this! It only requires getting into one of the floating pods.

Once you put your feet into one of the floatation pots, the water full of Epsom salt will take you into another level of comfy.  The next step will be setting the pod’s temperature. You will then have to do nothing rather than enjoying every second of your session.

You will then reach the calmest state you have ever felt…

Epsom salt is not like any other salts you can find in a supermarket. It is magnesium sulfate and it’s put into floatation pods in huge amounts in order to help your body float.

Unfortunately, most people worldwide don’t enrich their diets with food containing magnesium. While severe health problems may happen as a result. When the percentage of magnesium degrees in the body, the ability of movement will be harder and the person may experience excessive muscle pain. That’s how floatation therapy will help balance the equation, as it will provide you with the amount of magnesium your body needs.

Floatation also controls your temper. If you are struggling to have time for yourself, time to forget all about your worries and stress. Floatation therapy will help you do this, as magnesium shares in forming serotonin, which is commonly known as “The happy hormone.”

Floatation also enables your body to detox and take off all the toxicity out of your body cells. Automatically, improving your health!

If you are suffering from diabetes, the blood infusion will enhance the process of glucose passing through it which will eventually increase insulin sensitivity. You don’t have to think twice, Your body deserves a Floatation therapy session.

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