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FIR Sauna – 1 Session

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A dry sauna using infrared heat. What are the benefits of an Infrared Sauna? Detox (You sweat out toxins) Helps relieve pain Improves your appearance Reduces Stress Weight Loss

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Leveraging the unique benefits of infrared heat in a relaxing environment, our Far Infrared Saunas offer a stress-free way to support a healthy lifestyle. While this technology offers a variety of benefits, the most direct is detoxification through sweating. Because far infrared heat can reach deep into your tissue, our FIR Sauna allows your body to purge toxins on a cellular level. Using FIR wavelengths instead of steam to heat your body also allows the sauna to utilize dry heat rather than having uncomfortable steam, thus making it much easier to breathe.

Spa services, such as massages and saunas, have become more popular in recent years. Scientific technology has even allowed places like Defy Studio to evolve their self-care services. They have zero gravity massages, float rooms, cryotherapy, and much more. Anyone searching for a dry sauna in Houston, Texas can find one at Defy Studio. They use infrared technology to create dry heat in their saunas, which can penetrate deeper into tissue than traditional saunas. This type of penetration can lead to health and healing benefits.

What Are The Benefits of a Sauna?

The Far Infrared Sauna found at Defy Studio has a number of health benefits. These include; pain relief, a deep detox, weight loss, reduced stress, and more. These benefits are a result of how deep the dry heat is able to penetrate into the tissue. Your body will purge itself of toxins by sweating. This can be achieved without the steam found in regular saunas. This steam sometimes makes breathing uncomfortable, but that won’t be a problem at Defy Studio.


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