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Float – 1 Session

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RELAX TO RESTORE FLOAT ROOM In addition to diet and exercise, your body’s ability to truly relax comprises key component of reaching your optimal self. Our saline float rooms with no light and sound prevent the body from reacting to those stimuli allowing your body and mind to completely rejuvenate and relax. This relaxing setting actively removes physical and psychological stress so your body can focus on restoring itself. Benefits of float include: Improved circulation. Elevation of mood. Increased creativity. Relaxation and improved sleep. Reduction of soreness and pain. Improved focus and mental acuity. Relieve stress and reduce anxiety. Reduction in blood pressure and heart rate. Float rooms are actually one of the more popular services found at Defy Studio. The saline float rooms are completely free of sound and light, allowing your body to truly rest and relax. By removing any psychological or physical stress, your body will be able to restore itself. This type of complete relaxation can lead to; increased blood circulation, increase creativity, improved sleep, reduced pain, and more.

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Are you looking for float tanks in Egypt? Give Defy Cryotherapy & Float a call.

What Is A Float Tank?

Floatation—REST (Reduced Environmental Stimulation Therapy)

If you want to try float tanks in Egypt, we have the perfect setting. Float tanks allow you to completely relax with no intrusions. We have a saline float room that has no light or sound, and allows your body to relax completely. A relaxing setting without any stimulus enables your body to revitalize.

This type of relaxation helps promote a feeling of well being and allows you to decompress mentally. You will also absorb some of the minerals in the water, and those minerals, combined with the lack of stimulation, will also help you relax even more. Magnesium and sulfate levels will increase. Your body's nervous system will calm, and you will enter a state of deep relaxation. Some of the benefits of a float include:

Better Mental Clarity
Decreased Heart Rate
Improved Circulation
Improved Sleep
Increased Creativity
Lowers Blood Pressure
Reduction of Anxiety
Reduction of Pain

There are several reasons to choose float tanks in Egypt. If you are looking for a holistic approach to heal your body, let us assist you and create a wellness program designed with your unique requirements. Our goal is to help you reach and maintain your ideal self, mentally, spiritually, and physically.


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