Cryotherapy; Iovera

Cryotherapy; Iovera

The iovera° treatment can be performed before knee surgeries to help reduce your pain after surgery or to treat chronic pain due to osteoarthritis of the knee.

Iovera comes under the many types of cryotherapy. It is usually used to treat muscle and joints pain. People also use iovera to limit the pain before knee replacement surgeries.

The iovera is a treatment method that works by exposing peripheral nerves to low temperatures, then, an accurate cold region is made under the skin. The extreme coldness instantly stops the pain, which makes it the best solution for people who are suffering dreadful pain.

The iovera method damage abnormal tissues by freezing them. It is used to cut off the pain by freezing the area around the nerves, resulting in obstructing the way of the pain signals to the brain.

The results of pain relief last about 3 months after undergoing iovera.

Stop the iovera treatment if you witness blood in your urine or wounds on your skin next to the treated area.

You may find redness around the treated area but it is an instant matter after the treatment and did not last long.

You don’t have to go to a hospital in order to be treated by iovera, you just have to think and choose a trustworthy place.

The treatment doesn’t necessarily require a day off from work, as it lasts less than an hour and after it, you will be able to continue your day in a good health state.

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